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A slew of updates for Europeans to fud about

Coming to you LIVE from the Lunar News Network

The Generation 1 Airdrop closes today!

July 28th was the last day to fill out the AirDrop request form included in the previous medium. We have had just under 100 respondents to the fabled Meowth dump airdrop and rewards will be distributed soon. …

A lot is in store for our hatchling project!

The long-awaited sequel to the thrilling previous medium, including never-before-seen news and tidbits including:
- Meowth Airdrop
- PyroMania
- Marketplace
- Games
and so much more!


We are reaching a fever pitch! After weeks of diligent work, we are almost ready to release a new NFT Pack. …

Straight from the Lean Clean Update Machine

Crypto markets have been performing horribly lately, but that hasn’t dissuaded our development team’s peak performance. This 2-Part Medium’s offerings include some returning fan favorites like Marketing Updates, the long-anticipated Airdrop info update, and incredible new NFTs.

Around 1830 UTC on Friday June 25, a lot is Happening…

That’s right, in just a few hours you are going to see some…

We don’t believe in June Gloom, wen June Moon!

Wen Medium? Right Now!


We hear you loud and clear: Marketing is currently the development team’s top priority. This month you will begin to see some results of the hard work and deliberation being done by our community: a new-user-friendly design direction, changes to our web network, marketing materials, new NFT packs, and more!

What’s cracklin’ Meownauts and Kobandits,

Do you feel that? There’s something different in the air, like a crackle of electricity. The energy is tangible, and it’s building…


We’ve all been waiting for the world to recognize how special the PokéMoon project is, and we are Amped…

Spring has officially sprung and the may flowers are upon us, let us head into the PokéMoon fields to see what joyous buds are dancing above the earth for our community to enjoy!

PokéMoon’s Discord Server is OFFICIALLY LIVE!

War has broken out in the Mooniverse!

Meownauts and Kobandits can no longer tolerate sharing the same dApp platform and are forcing you to…

Oh you thought we were finished with our NFTs?

Join the conversation at

Hello Meownauts and Kobandits,

Only a few days after the launch of our first ever NFT pack, we are already primed to release an update to our frontend very soon (like today).

That’s right, with our central mechanics now launched and stable we can work pretty fast! This update marks…

NFTs, PBs, Yes Please.

TL;DR: Bank 2PM UTC Friday, NFTs within 27 hours after that. (Certified from CJ-Hoss and Prefix straight) **ninja edit

After weeks of grumble, a triumphant call rises over the stream of tears created by NFT delays. Hark, the call! “Meownauts and Kobandits, wait no longer! Rejoice! …

NFTs to be delayed some days

At PokéMoon, we take a 2-pronged approach to delivering the product that you deserve; we want something that works and is worth it. For our platform, we want something that is worth your time, worthy of your investment and works fluidly. …

PokéMoon Community

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