A Hot Friday

Straight from the Lean Clean Update Machine

Crypto markets have been performing horribly lately, but that hasn’t dissuaded our development team’s peak performance. This 2-Part Medium’s offerings include some returning fan favorites like Marketing Updates, the long-anticipated Airdrop info update, and incredible new NFTs.

That’s right, in just a few hours you are going to see some massive shifts and thrilling new releases.

The PokeBank for PB-2125, the PyroBall, is opening soon! Stake your Koban in the molten pits to earn PB-2125 . The PyroBall will be used to unlock the next generation of NFT trading cards. Fresh from the smokestacks, these steamy Moonsters hit hard with face-melting heat. Don’t try to pull your Koban out before the 4 million total supply has been exhausted though or you might get burned (20% of your Koban in fact)! If you wait for it to cool down, you’ll be able to pull them with no fee.

Our most recent set of NFTs is also releasing in just a few hours! Featuring 13 of the most exotic beasts shipped via high-speed rail from the Monorila Agridome in rarities varying from Common to Legendary.

For 1337 APB a pack, you will receive 5 random cards. Each card is a masterpiece by a community artist, fully 3D rendered and ready to add to your collection! Yet again, the legendary cards are animated (and the animations this time are simply scrumptious).

The Amped Up NFT exchange and KBN-PB2116 gyms will also be coming to a close in a few hours, so this is your last chance to obtain those packs! If you have any outstanding PB-2116 they will lose a lot of their utility in a few hours.

with details on:

  1. Marketplace
  2. Wen Airdrop
  3. Coinvote Partnership
  4. AMA
  5. Coingecko
  6. SCV Finance
  7. Help us find artists and game devs

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