Extreme Speed Day 1 Recap and Updates!

Extreme Speed First Day Recap

Extreme Speed, our initiative for x10 yields for farms and pools on Wynautdefi.app, is LIVE and off to a swift start!

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching your kitty coins multiply! Since the launch of the Extreme Speed initiative on the 24th, we have seen the community high-diving into our pools and picking up their farming equipment by the lamboload. At its peak, our Total Value Locked (the amount of money in pools and farms) was around $8 million — that’s over 20x the pre-Extreme Speed figure! The Telegram chat (https://t.me/whynotrebuild) has been abuzz with people patiently cultivating their Meowth crops and enjoying this cozy return to our Golden Age.

Although the update didn’t technically affect Wynaut, the rapid Meowth inflation set our Wynaut market ablaze! The juicy price pumps have encouraged community activity with our coins skyrocket. Since the launch of the Extreme Speed initiative, we’ve burned over 1,000,000 Wynaut as a community! To top it off, the dev team did a burn of 80,000 Meowth at the start of the initiative, and another FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND MEOWTH tonight!!!

Poor little guys, but this blood sacrifice means a bright future for our markets.

We still have 6 days left of Extreme Speed!

The APY has been slowly adjusting on its own based on how many of y’all are in the pools and farms, but the dev team will continue monitoring activity and may make manual adjustments throughout the week to ensure the sustainability of our coins. As such, there may be no better time to farm than right now. If you feel it in your heart, get to it… FAST!

A Grateful Farewell

Juno and Carlos have transitioned from the development team into enthusiastic community members again. Over the past weeks, we on the dev team have been working our butts off from early in the morning late into the night making sure this project picks up momentum. From juggling community feedback, working on front/back end code, and having team discussions, this is something we’re all doing on top of our real life obligations. Juno and Carlos have been kicking ass, but they want and deserve a break! We cannot thank them enough for their contributions to this community, and are wishing them all the best, rest, love, opportunity, and success on their journey into the future! WAGMI

And Exciting Hellos

As we on the dev team continue having conversations, refining our vision, testing feasibility, listening to feedback, and tweaking values on this road to providing you the coins you deserve — we’ve noticed areas of development where we can tap into the unbridled energy of this great community for help. We’ve been working closely with new artistic and technical talent that has been knocking our socks off internally; the future is getting brighter with each passing day. We on the dev team can’t wait to show you what dreams we’ve managed to make reality!

Community Spotlight

Today we would like to highlight the unsung-turned-sung hero Wilfred Relmar (@Arnox on Telegram) for dreaming up, reaching out, and co hosting the airdrop which accompanied the release of Extreme Speed. Wilfred is a man of tremendous initiative. He keeps the community close to his heart, and he is willing to move mountains to make sure he provides for everyone.

Wilfred has stood by the community since before the dump — he says:

“With so many yield farms out there essentially doing the same thing, it’s important to find the ones who are going to survive and innovate. The tokenomics of WYNAUT are pretty interesting and I think if the dev team can continue to cook up fresh ideas and keep the community engaged, Team Rocket will go a long way. That’s why I’m willing — and others should be too — to support the platform’s growth in any way we can.”

At the end of the day, Wynaut is a community coin, and we are very lucky to have community members champion the same innovation Wilfred believes is imperative for a project’s success. This is why the Wynaut Community is the best group of crypto kiddies on BSC and beyond.

Also check out this sick infographic by community member Slowthai!


Our favorite Crypto Rapper Y Not has been cooking up a new song to celebrate EXTREME SPEED that is releasing tomorrow!

“I’ve heard your requests for a tune to celebrate the continued success and survival of our tokens. I’ve been working closely with community member W to iron out some mind blowing visuals which will accompany the song. This is one of the coziest tunes yet, it will be an unforgettable audiovisual experience that fuels the Wynaut Warmachine! Here’s a little sneak peak at the lyrics ::)”


We cannot do it without you, even when the whole market is down our tokens find a way. The fun and friendship erupting in our Telegram every second is evidence of how incredible our community has grown to be. There is clearly a magic here that is bringing together creative, talented, clever, hilarious, and kind people to our coinmunity.

Remember: when the Extreme Speed event is over we will have some MASSIVE announcements to reveal ;)

We love you,

Wynaut Dev Team

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