First Week of May Updates!

Spring has officially sprung and the may flowers are upon us, let us head into the PokéMoon fields to see what joyous buds are dancing above the earth for our community to enjoy!

War has broken out in the Mooniverse!

Meownauts and Kobandits can no longer tolerate sharing the same dApp platform and are forcing you to pick a side. Join our new Community Discord to find the warrooms of our two Coin-based Combatants. Click either the Meownaut or Koban icon in the #rules or #welcome tab to be assigned a tag for that team, and then find the #warroom channels on the side tab!

We invite our international PokéMoon community members to join the Discord chat channels for different languages (Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and more!)

While we maintain full Telegram support for our community, the Discord channel will give our community members the freedom to choose which communication platform they want to gossip about PokéMoon packs on. Discord is a messaging platform with a lot more mechanical depth than telegram, and Nodensclature is working hard to stretch those mechanics to their limits.

Our Discord already features a number of nifty information bots, trainer profiles, experience tracking, and animated emotes, but there is more on the way. In the future you might find tip-bot functionality, contests/competitions involving the two teams, and in-Discord games all built around the PokéMoon creative universe! We are very excited for the opportunity to provide this awesome new space for our community, Join the channel and stay tuned.

We have sneakily released a new quality of life update to

Golden Koban got a little bit shinier

This update is a little technological rehaul with three intended impacts. The first is a file size reduction for our NFTs in the front end 3D viewer. The reduction will lead to improved performance and load times across the board while navigating our NFT platform. The second is an increase to the quality of the art on the NFTs which will be reflected in the integrated viewer. That’s right, we did the impossible: smaller file sizes, better quality. The third and final change is art updates which we have deployed to spruce up some of the cards in our Blast Off! pack. You’ll see the updated model of the Golden Koban card above.

All of these quality of life changes are live RIGHT NOW at

GET AMPED, DEGENS! Late next week you will be able to use your PB-2116 to purchase our SECOND EVER PACK OF NFTs, Amped Up!

This pack features 12 possible cards that explore the seedy underground of the Mooniverse. Gamblers, junkies, concert-goers; the worst of the worst have invaded the degenerate decentralized finance sphere. Want a ticket to Raituff’s midnight matinee? What about an 2116-ball of what Professor Coke is slinging? Maybe you’ll flaunt your money like a Meownaut off Moolah!

This pack, conceptualized, created, and compiled by our community, represents the PokéMoon bootleg identity. It is a collection of cards like the paradox of degenerate life: the intersection of not taking ourselves too seriously and getting dropped for looking at someone funny. It is the exhilaration and unpredictability that make Amped Up! what it is.

There will be a price discovery event culminating in the reveal of the exchange and the PB-2116 price per pack happening leading up to the pack’s release late next week. Again we will see rarities ranging from common to moonlike with everything Legendary and up being animated. All of the cards are fully 3D rendered and you can check them out in our on-platform integrated viewer, plus who knows what UI updates and utilities will be live by then!

Howdy Koobie Krunchers! We can see you’ve been diligently staking your Koban in the PokéBank to earn your rolls for our next NFT pack. The 4 million supply of PB-2116 stored in the bank has almost exhausted.

As soon as it does, you will be able to withdraw your Koban from the bank for no fee, and the PB-2116 — Koban paired farm will open soon after for the Amped Up! Price Discovery Event! We are easing into our regular release schedule now that our platform has its base functionality, so expect this PB-NFT pattern to continue at this rate for the next few packs!

This is your last chance to farm those precious PB-2116 for your shot at getting these astounding new cards, so put your pickaxe to the pile, PokéBallers!

A Kobandit has made off with our yields!

As we ease into that regular release schedule, the increased rewards from the previous Price Discovery Event will continue their journey back to normal. Very soon you will notice Koban produced per block return to 4.2 on its way down to a flat 4. These lower yields make those PBs and their associated cards ever harder to obtain, so hang onto your gold!

Our Discord already features a number of nifty information bots, trainer profiles, experience tracking, and animated emotes, but there is more on the way. In the future you might find tip-bot functionality, contests/competitions involving the two teams, and in-Discord games all built around the PokéMoon creative universe! We are very excited for the opportunity to provide this awesome new space for our community, Join the channel and stay tuned.

Hoss and CJ have been hard at work behind the scenes getting the most requested features ready to go live on the front end. The file optimization and card quality improvement update is already live, but we won’t stop there. In the coming weeks you can expect a tool for sorting your owned cards by different tags like element and rarity, meaning a much more manageable card collection! There will also be some aesthetic adjustments across the website as we slowly but surely make our spaceship ship shape. Finally, developing a marketplace and mediated trading functionality for our platform is a top development priority, but due to the complexities of the code might take a minute until it is ready. Stay tuned and keep requesting features in our discord and telegram!

We on the development team pay close attention to your feedback and use it to determine where we invest our time and energy, so help us out!

Every day new bits of information are being added and altered on our info hub at This is your one-stop shop for questions and clarification regarding every aspect of our project; if you see someone else with a question in the telegram or discord, send them the relevant info from this guide! With community feedback, the site will become more thorough and user-friendly. Eventually, it will have all the answers and infos that even the noobiest investor will understand in addition to categorizing/chronicling our project’s history for the veteran investor.

If you haven’t visited in a while, go check it out! Some of the new info pages are really neat and informative. Once you’ve seen it, stop by the discord or telegram to let us know what you think its missing or if you have lingering questions!

We know you are all eager for a major marketing push that will catapult our platform to never-before-seen success and a marketcap that will melt your face off, so are we!

Our platform is shiny and new things are coming out every week, it seems like we’re all ready to go, so what’s the holdup! Community updates are live, UI is being refined, deeper functionality is being developed, but what about the back end? PREFIXRT has been crunching code working on a new update to our UNOVA MasterChef on which the whole PokéMoon tokenomic ecosystem rests. This update will increase our control over the platform, allowing previously unprecedented utilities to be created as well as some major improvements on existing mechanics. We are dependent on this update to stretch our wings in the directions we want to have a truly impressive and innovative platform.

And when that update is deployed, we want to represent this platform well! So we are in the planning stages, deliberating on all things marketing to develop the most effective possible strategy. We want to make sure that when we push this car it doesn’t just travel a few blocks before breaking down, but kickstarts the engine that will carry us down the long road to fun and fortune.

Wen moon? Wen lambo? Why not be the difference? See this incredible community made art!

In this liminal stage, we are dependent on YOU, the community, to see the price movement we all want to see. From the earliest stages of our project, we were only ever able to grow thanks to the commitment and creativity of our community. The genuine videos, infographics, advertisements, tutorials on how to buy and navigate our platform, songs, memes, and memories that you all make have a bigger impact on community morale than a poocoin ad ever would. As we work hard refining the PokéMoon platform, we encourage you to match our pace and provide the genuine human edge that gives PokéMoon its charm. Contribute any way you can! Every effort is appreciated by every one of us.

In the same vein, the development team has set aside dev funds to spend on marketing, and listened to those community members who generously suggested lending a helping hand. In this space, marketing is tremendously expensive, so every little bit helps! We have created a community support wallet that is visible on the site, the address is 0x5dC8DceB2D5438A7Ae481c1b09F7DD58CbA79de7 and funds sent to this address will be used for marketing when we deploy the campaign.

If you think the PokéMoon platform looks good and ready, great! Tell your friends how much you love our NFTs and yield farms! Think we ought to have a partnership with a different project you’re involved in? Try to get in touch with them and let them know what PokéMoon has to offer! Spreading the word about our project yourself is the surest way to see its growth (way better than sitting around asking wen marketing). If you invest your time and creativity into our community you’ll be astonished by the results!

Join the conversation, tell your friends, and pitch in your coins or ideas as we prepare for lift-off! BE THE DIFFERENCE AND SPREAD THE WORD

Finally, if you want to join some of the PokéMoon developers for a relaxing conversation about the future of our project, stay tuned for info about a dlive stream happening in the next few days potentially featuring CJ, Y Not, Hoss, Mathijs, and maybe more!

The stream will be held at

And this incredible community made art! Home of the best community in crypto. Join the fun at