June Updates

We don’t believe in June Gloom, wen June Moon!

Wen Medium? Right Now!


We hear you loud and clear: Marketing is currently the development team’s top priority. This month you will begin to see some results of the hard work and deliberation being done by our community: a new-user-friendly design direction, changes to our web network, marketing materials, new NFT packs, and more!

We know the value of our product. With everything our platform has to offer and how often we update, our community is rightfully fed up with our price not reflecting the progress we’ve made. We know what Koban and Meownaut are worth and we won’t settle for anything less than a lambo. As such, the development team has been covering all the bases with our marketing movements with a close eye for long-term growth options.

For 1,000 BNB I will tell everyone in Pallet Town about you, Ash!

Partnerships: have been initiated and fallen through with multiple projects— in our experience we have not found a project that can match the standard of quality and consistency that the PokéMoon community has come to expect. We are still actively searching for potential partners, but are only interested in projects that are actually capable of following through and delivering on promises (no monkeying around). Do not hesitate to reach out if you have connections to a project that you think would be a good fit for us!

Listings: as was covered in the previous medium, we’ve deployed Gyms that reward PokéMoon users for adding liquidity on Pancakeswap. In addition, we’ve done some internal organizing and were able to reapply to CoinGecko!

While we can make no guarantees on when or even if our tokens will get listed, we hope the efforts we’ve made to gussy up the project for outside eyes will increase the likelihood. A re-application to Coin Market Cap will be completed shortly! Please let us know if there are other listing services you would like to see PokéMoon represented on. In addition, our community’s concentrated efforts to get Meownaut and Koban represented on Coinvote have been noticed! A member of their team reached out to us and we’ve been chatting about how great you all are~❤


Marketers: Another part of our marketing research has been looking into finding potential marketers or agencies that can do some professional legwork to get the word out about PokéMoon. We have been in conversation with numerous persons and agencies, and we need the community’s help to vet them, find what they can bring to the project, and navigate the costs. The biggest bottleneck has been the cost in relation to the services being offered and the development funds available which is a tricky conundrum to be in, please help us figure it out! A lot of these conversations have been taking place in the Elite Community Marketing telegram — please join in at https://t.me/joinchat/koXVmrMuEzExYjAx

Social Medias: At this stage all of the social media has been community-driven with the exception of our Twitter and Medium. We want to highlight two community members in particular that have taken the initiative to spread the word about the PokéMoon project to previously untouched parts of the internet. The PokéMoon subreddit has been championed by Olly, whose wit and idiosyncratic creative charm never fails to amuse. Olly created the subreddit of his own accord, and Meownauts and Kobandits alike have flocked to post about the latest happenings of the Mooniverse.

In a more “lights, cameras, action!” realm, community member and algorithm guru W has put in some work to manage the PokéMoon youtube channel. With careful attention to tags, video dimensions, and timing, W executes his releases with intention. He also flexes his creative muscles to design engaging content that highlights the best that PokéMoon has to offer. Without people like Olly or W, there would be no PokéMoon. That work doesn’t just get our name out there, it gives our name its meaning.

We still have plenty of room to grow! Tik Tok, Instagram, and 4chan are hugemarkets of potential investors that are currently bare of PokéMoon content. Will you be the hero who breaks that mold?

Ad Space: is another key avenue for effective marketing. With NFT trading cards as the crown jewel of our project, we have a lot of engaging visuals to entice viewers with. By deploying some cute, creative banners at key sites where the audience may be enticed by the PokéMoon platform, we can attract new members and get our name out there. We have been brainstorming what those banners and visual campaigns can look like, and identified 4chan as a potential first target to test them out. Some of the more desirable ad space in crypto is very expensive (poocoin for example), but please let us know if there is ad space or other digital real estate you think would be effective for PokéMoon.

“Everybody is dying to know: Wen Lambo?”

AMAs: We have already done a few AMAs with high-profile BSC groups, and it is one of our favorite ways to spread the word about the project! The developers are not too shy to brag about what we’ve accomplished, and if we can do that in a chat with thousands of potential investors that’s even better. We are actively looking for more communities that will welcome us for an AMAs, and to crypto-journalists who will potentially interview our developers for articles!

Community Events: The PokéMoon community trivia event went off without a hitch recently, and more airdrops and activities are in the pipeline. This week we will be hosting a Watch2Gether, and keep an eye out for a development stream and voice channel AMAs! Community Events will be a critical part of our release calendar — you may have noticed the cyclical nature of our farming and NFT releases, community events allow us an opportunity to fill the space between big releases with some fun. We have a 100k Koban airdrop live in our discord right now, and another one queued up for when the channel reaches 700 members — don’t miss out!

Shilling Campaigns: Koobie Kraze is infectious! Our community discord has been abuzz with activity today after we began a series of airdrops that reward people with Koban for spreading the word about our project. We’ve also launched a “how to shill” Thousands of Koban are being paid out, and it’s generating a lot of activity on our social media channels. Organic, word of mouth shill campaigns are the most effective marketing strategy for attracting long-term investors. Nothing beats building confidence through a person-to-person conversation with an informed holder who can educate you on your investment and directly answer questions. Shill campaigns are easy to organize, require very few resources, and can have a huge impact. Just jump into the shill elite chat with a list of telegram channels and start spreading a copy paste message about our project to a few of them! Plan an organized conversation in another channel where you talk about how cool we are where potential investors can see! Whatever works for you, every little bit helps.

PREFIX sits calmly in his development station ironing out some bugs in solidity

Finalizing the transition from Gen 1: We have already closed the bridge from Gen 1 to Gen 2 and scrubbed most mentions of that bygone era from our marketing materials. The last thing left to resolve is the airdrop for Gen 1 dump holders. The development team has been discussing the airdrop distribution and information should be coming soon. Prepare to fill out a form to manually claim your airdrop as a ratio of Meownaut within a time-limited window!

Chat Environment: When new people start to trickle in, it is imperative to have a hospitable climate in the chat that makes them feel welcome. This can mean answering nooby questions, directing users to resources, and showing off your favorite PokéMoon cards! When new investors see a chat with energy, positivity, excitement, and hope for the future they are much more likely to invest. By contrast, if the chat looks like it belongs to a weekly meeting of Salty Bagholders Anonymous then they are less likely to invest!

Because of community marketing efforts there have been new people steadily trickling into the telegram over the past few days. Stay present and engaged and watch our community grow!

UI and Design: We also have to do some housekeeping to make our platform as conducive to growth as possible! We’ve recently made massive strides in the accessibility of our project thanks to the hard work of Hoss, Mathijs, Ponto, Nodensclature, CJ, Lily, and Y Not:

New Landing Page and Web Network

Today we deployed our brand new landing page at pokemoon.io

This page is the synthesis of the team’s interdisciplinary design efforts complete with highly digestible, incredibly cute infographics. We followed industry expectations to make our project overview as easy to understand as possible so that new investors can see what we’re about with an unprecedented level of engagement. A lot of effort went into designing such a visually engaging, functional first impression. Hoss and CJ pushed their technical talent to the limit and we are far from disappointed.

This is the first look at our new web network which will be hosted on a series of domains in the PokéMoon internet universe. The full suite of domains will allow us to expand in the directions we need to on a more stable hosting network. You can see the various pages of our network by changing the prefix of the URL — the exchange can be found at exchange.pokemoon.io, the information docs are at docs.pokemoon.io, and NFTs are at NFT.pokemoon.io.

As we develop our marketplace, games, and other utilities, this web network will give us the capacity to deploy them effortlessly. We will also continue ironing out the user interface and building the front end with an emphasis on engaging graphical design and a tactile user interface.

New White Paper

We understand that our project is ambitious, and sometimes ambition can lead to complexity. We have a lot to offer, which means we have a lot going on, and that can be hard to keep track of! We wanted to boil down the fundamentals of our project into a single document that really pops. Easy on the eyes and easy to understand.

Ponto, Lily, Mathijs, and Y Not have drafted a new White Paper in 16 page full color that will knock any potential investor’s proverbial socks off. Take a look at it, bookmark it, and send it to everyone you know! This is a powerful marketing tool that currently gives the clearest insight into what our platform is up to.

Keep an eye out for variations on this document that explore other parts of the PokéMoon universe, like a lore scroll, Kobanditpaper, and more!

Ape Balls and Mean Greens

The Ape Balls bank has been closed. APB supply has been completely exhausted and the early withdraw penalty has been waived. If you haven’t already, please visit the PokéBank to unstake your Koban free of charge!

APB-KBN gyms have opened, beginning this season’s price discovery week. Create APB-KBN pairs at exchange.pokemoon.io/#/add and stake them at the Gym to earn Koban!

Keep in mind: price discovery week is used to calculate how many PB each NFT pack will cost. These calculations are based on ratios of the PB’s dollar amount, and we try to set prices to be accessible for even the casual investor while still reasonable with respect to the gas fees.

Mean Greens NFT packs will be available when the price discovery event concludes, when you will finally see what exotic creatures have been discovered in the deep ruins of Monorila.


Major Inspiration

The Mooniverse will never be the same. In order to structure our forthcoming games, cards, and multimedia, we are developing lore for PokéMoon. Behind the scenes we are writing a rich universe full of warring factions, epic adventures, and emotional rollercoasters. We won’t spoil much yet, but for now let’s let you in on some of the fundamentals:

The earth is no longer habitable, most life now exists in a network of life on the moon called the Global Lunar Network. To make life on the moon possible, Humanity lives alongside extraordinary creatures of supernatural and scientific origin often called Moonsters. Meownauts Monopolists and Kobandits skirmish over a precious natural resources at the foundation of lunar society: Koban. Luna City is an industrial-colony-turned-urban-center caught in the middle of that conflict.

This is only the Beginning.

This exciting setting will be the backdrop of our creative universe and we cannot wait to take you all on the journey. Keep an eye out for crumbs of information in our cards and correspondence because our lore is shaping up to be a big juicy bread loaf.

We Want You! (Front End, Solidity Snakes, and Game Developers)

Our project is ambitious and crew driven, we are aiming for the moon but we could use some more hands on deck making it happen. Reach out if you have one or more of the skills and experience we need (in order of importance):

  1. Frontend Dev — React/Node
  2. Game Dev
  3. Solidity

Thank you

as always, for your patience and passion. We love you PokeMoon community even if you ask wen medium 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times. We have so much exciting stuff to show you and we’ve been working as hard as ever. Cheers and be well.

-PokéMoon Dev Team

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