Jungle Balls and a Bumbling BSC

What’s cracklin’ Meownauts and Kobandits,

Do you feel that? There’s something different in the air, like a crackle of electricity. The energy is tangible, and it’s building…


We’ve all been waiting for the world to recognize how special the PokéMoon project is, and we are Amped Up for some new faces to join our community. There are a lot of exciting developments coming in the near future that will push our project to new heights — but we need your help!

A great stone casket containing ancient PokéBalls, designated PB-2120, was unearthed in ruins deep within the distant jungle of Monorila. From some of the most biodiverse regions in the Mooniverse, these balls are sure to contain some rare and exotic PokéMoon. Legend tells of great hairy beasts wielding bright yellow clubs that crush whole Safaris in their paths. Seeing how dangerous the region was, the Dev Team sent their most expendable member, Y Not, to secure a shipment for the banks, and they should be arriving on Wednesday! When they do, you’ll be able to stake your Koban to earn the elusive PB-2120 which will eventually be exchangeable for the Mean Greens NFT pack. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for this third pack, but more details will follow on that later.

As many of you may have noticed, in recent days the Binance Smart Chain network has been experiencing slower service with higher gas fees and wonkier swapping/minting/interacting between contracts as a result. PokéMoon is not unaffected by these Blockchain shortages, and in an effort to avoid any resultant shenanigans with our second NFT packs, we will be releasing them later than anticipated. In the meantime, we have had an opportunity to fast-track some highly requested updates that will make our platform much more accessible! With the release of the new pack that means Blast Off will be going into retirement as well. Get your packs now and watch our Twitter for more updates on Blast Off’s close.

One of the biggest bottlenecks for our community’s expansion has been the lack of support for our tokens on the industry standard tools and utilities. Because we don’t have Pancakeswap liquidity, we don’t show up on PooCoin, and our eligibility for listings like Coingecko and Coin MarketCap becomes trickier. We hear your requests and are making the collective dream a reality. CJ, Prefix, and Hoss have been working hard behind the scenes creating a solution: Gyms on Pokemoon.app that yield Koban for Pancakeswap LP pairs! This serves as a much-needed incentive to have our tokens available on the biggest exchange in the space, but we need your support (and LP pairs) to really make it happen! If we are successful in this as a community, we will see one of the biggest barriers to our growth evaporate.

With the Amped Up! NFT packs pushed back a little bit, we have time to ramp up our marketing efforts in preparation for the upcoming cards. New folks will have more time to open Blast Off! Packs while they get amped up for Amped Up! The dev team has been in chats across the web strategizing a marketing campaign for our platform, and the community has taken the reins on their own initiatives.

The community members in the PokéMoon Shill Elite group at https://t.me/joinchat/koXVmrMuEzExYjAx organized a 7 BNB fundraiser for an advertisement on BSCGemz, a popular telegram group. This represents a huge victory because our name is out there more, but more so because it shows what’s possible when our community gets together and organizes something special to spread the word. Other community members have researched marketing strategies, potential partners, sponsorship opportunities, influencers, and more. What have you found? We pay close attention to all community feedback and leads to make sure our publicity movements are the most effective and informed they can be.

We’ve come to think of marketing a bit like a house party. There’s already a lot of cool kids hanging around the place, but it’s gotten a little messy and the vibe is stale. If we want to invite some hot new energy to the joint, we gotta make sure our venue is clean. Part of that means making sure people know what’s going on when they get here, and making sure the party has room to grow. We’re designing a new landing page for the PokéMoon network from the ground up with careful attention to the balance between engagement and information with a slick, industry-appropriate aesthetic. The webpage will feature details from our forthcoming “Brown Paper” which distills the key elements of our project into an easily digestible, user-friendly document. Just one of many things to see in the coming weeks.

Our project is ambitious and crew driven, we are aiming for the moon but we could use some more hands on deck making it happen. Reach out if you have one or more of the skills and experience we need (in order of importance):

Frontend Dev— React/Node, Game Dev, Solidity

There’s a lot to look forward to and a lot to get done. In any case, I’m famished- does anyone have a Banana? Oh… here’s one!

-PokéMoon Dev Team
(YNot, Prefix, CJ, Hoss, Mathijs, Nodens, Lily, Ponto, Saint Trick)

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