A slew of updates for Europeans to fud about

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July 28th was the last day to fill out the AirDrop request form included in the previous medium. We have had just under 100 respondents to the fabled Meowth dump airdrop and rewards will be distributed soon. Congratulations to those grizzled veterans who have remained with us all this time and we hope you are excited for the future!

Shortly after this countdown you will receive word from the development team that the following tokenomic updates have taken effect:

  • The Early-Withdraw Penalty for the Pyroball Bank will have been waived!
  • The introduction of two new pools! (PB 2125-KBN Gym and KBN Daycare)

The Next Bank + PyroMania NFTs release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

(this is all lore btw)

A shocking attack has left Koban Supplies utterly sabotaged. As a result, the Koban Block reward has been rationed from 4.6 per block to 4.2. Brindleton bay is making a rapid response and collecting all the evidence they can of the attackers.

There has never been an attack this bold in the history of the Moon

You can find the details of the block reward rebalance in this classified interior memo distributed shortly after the attack to Brindleton Bay’s top shareholders.

Is the chaos erupting in the mooniverse the sign of something worse to come?

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