The Great Kitty Cat Collapse

Hello Everyone,

Your favorite cryptorapper here representing the Wynaut Community Development team.

Let me get straight to the point: a certain key member (Wynaut-Dev, also known as @bnbendgame) no longer on our team made a decision. A decision that left Meowth sucked totally dry without consulting the community. First and foremost we want to apologize to you. This decision hurt us, but to snub a community that has stood by us this crazy week in this way is disgusting and makes us feel deeply culpable.

How did it happen?

In a Discord group, which the development team was working on proprietary code, it needed to be narrowed to just the guys behind the keyboard managing accounts. During the BSC market correction yesterday (2/19), this individual cut the community leaders out. That developer gave the original wallet of the business account (which was supposed to be used for burns, buybacks, and marketing) away, whom proceeded to then sell the whole supply. Meaning no burns or buybacks, thus driving Meowth down. This did not happen through an exploit in code or other method that compromises the integrity of our coins, rather it was as if a fat whale sold their stack in one sitting causing the whole market to panic sell (and that whale happened to be a developer). This is where our story begins, but nowhere near where it will end.

“Like its evolved form, Wynaut is.. based on an Okiagari-koboshi doll, a Japanese traditional doll with squinted eyes that stands back upright when pushed over. It is a symbol of perseverance.”

The resulting collapse had an effect on the price of Wynaut as well, despite Wynaut’s contract being fundamentally different from Meowth’s. Because of its deflationary nature, automatic burn, and shadow staking, Wynaut’s future is brighter than that little pussycat could have ever hoped to be. Perhaps more importantly, Wynaut had no access or relation to the development wallet of Meowth. Wynaut is still the same solid investment.

Waking up to a coin crash is never a good feeling, and we, the community leaders, had to take immediate action on behalf of the community to ensure your investments are safe. For reference: the community leaders are a Mötley Crüe of crypto geeks that have assembled through genuine, organic connection in the Wynaut Community over the past week since the coin’s inception; we have lost as much as you have, and as such are just as determined to see us rise again. The outpouring of support from you all has secured our faith in the future of this token and the value of the projects we are now developing around it.

We have reestablished our twitter, created a new telegram channel (Wynaut Rebuild?), and many of our frens that have held Wynaut with us along the way are still kicking trying to make this thing work. We on the dev team recognize that our first priority is addressing those who got screwed over by the Meowth dump. The Wynaut Rebuild channel has been engaged in rigorous discourse over what the best course of action to compensate our supporters rebuild.

While we on the dev team have not had a chance to make a formal decision on what an air drop would look like,we understand its important. After reading through the conversations folks are having in the Rebuild chat it’s very clear that compensation is the most important thing on peoples’ minds. Soon, when our team is at full capacity (both in attendance and state of mind) we will address the issue and consult the community before moving forward with any major next steps.

Despite this rocky day, the integrity of Wynaut’s code, value, and potential is very much intact, although your trust may rightfully be damaged.

We haven’t given up on this project and neither should you, we will keep you all in the loop as the new team moves forward, and we may pump this thing to 1$ yet.

Thanks for a good week. We appreciate each and all of you.

Cheers and be well, talk to you again soon,

-Wynuat Team.

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