TL;DR: Bank 2PM UTC Friday, NFTs within 27 hours after that. (Certified from CJ-Hoss and Prefix straight) **ninja edit

fter weeks of grumble, a triumphant call rises over the stream of tears created by NFT delays. Hark, the call! “Meownauts and Kobandits, wait no longer! Rejoice! The hour is upon us!”

A lot is about to happen in a short whole of time, and it all begins with shiny new balls.


PB-2116 Banks Opening (2 PM) UTC TODAY (4/23)!

We know your Koban has been getting crusty in the crowded gyms, so we’re reopening the PokeBank with a shocking twist: Electric balls! Stake your Koban to earn PB-2116, the “Degen Ball”, the currency to obtain our second season of NFTs at banks set to start rewards at 2 PM UTC today!

Be wary of withdrawing your Koban from the bank until the PB-2116 supply is drained. Because the 20% withdrawal fee will be in effect! After the PB-2116 has been distributed, the fee will be expelled followed by another price discovery phase. At the conclusion of that period, you will be able to redeem your PB-2116 for our 2nd NFT pack!

A preview so sneaky, you can’t even see it!

This season is inspired by the seedy underbelly of Pokémoon and the ‘bootleg’ origin of our project, a theme that echoes the fritzy spirit of degenerate decentralized finance trading. The Degen Ball channels the energy of the electric guitar tail of Pikapuff’s evolved form Raituff. Like a plasma ball, the electric currents running under the surface of the glass ball are warm to the touch. The lightning-shaped clasps on either side of the button ensure even the rowdiest Moonster is reigned in.

Yet again, this collection of cards was entirely created by our community, featuring the astounding work of the brilliant minds we’re lucky enough to call our peers. These early sets of cards will naturally become some of the rarest and most desirable as our platform expands.

NFTs are also Coming in the Next Hours

You’ve always been the best community in crypto, but these weeks we’ve learned you’re also the most patient! Delay no more, the basic mechanics of NFTs will be available by 2 PM UTC Saturday, April 24. PB-KBN farm will be gradually reduced over the coming weeks in conjunction with a return to the standard block reward. This is a huge milestone in our quest to deliver a product that is innovative, iterative, and incredible.

At that time you will be able to exchange your PB-2114, “MAXR Balls”, for Blast Off! NFT packs on for 100 PB-2114 a pack. When you purchase a pack you will receive 6 ERC-721 tokens: 1 “Pack Wrapper” and 5 random cards out of a set of 16 in rarities ranging from Common to Legendary and “Moon-like”.

This “Pack Wrapper” NFT functions in place are as a way to send entire packs for a pretty low fee rather than multiple expensive contract interactions. Additionally, it serves as an easy method to access a history of every pack opened; even if they are eventually separated and sent to separate wallets.

For example: if you were to get really lucky upon opening a pack the cards could be considered a premium when they can be traced back to a single “God Roll” pack.

After you’ve purchased a pack, you should have options to examine each of the cards you received to learn information about their stats, artist, and descriptions. This is just the beginning of the utilities we have imagined for what is possible with our NFTs, and the platform on which we can realize those dreams.

This exchange won’t be open forever, so try to convert your PB-2114 over the next few weeks. Keep in mind that the Blast Off! pack is something totally new and is but one evolving piece of the PokéMoon project, a pioneering piece of machinery in the crypto space as a whole. In the distant future of PokéMoon, these cards will be priceless artifacts. Even though marketplace integration will not be a feature of this release, keep an eye out for the rarer cards which could be worth a fortune!

Although it will be pretty intuitive, a detailed guide on navigating the PB-2114 → Blast Off! packs → NFT Cards exchange page will follow shortly.

The end of Price Discovery Week…

Now that NFTs are finally ready to go and the PB-2114 → NFTs pipeline is gushing out cards, we don’t need that Koban-PB-2114 Paired gym anymore. So pack up your sweatbands, jocks and get ready to pull out your LP tokens. The reward allocation for the PB-KBN gym will be reduced gradually over the coming days and you will notice the block rewards also lower to their initial values too.

The eventual deactivation of the first PB-KBN gym and reduction of block rewards will be a welcome return to normalcy as we step confidently into our future.

…and Gen 1 as we know it.

As part of that confident progress, the Gen 1→Gen 2 bridge’s days are also numbered. We are shedding the discomfort of history we’ve already studied and learned from, and asserting our new identity once and for all. The bridge will be closing some time in the near future.

That means the PokéMoon project featuring Meownaut, Koban, and PB will be technologically severed from the original Wynaut and Meowth in the coming weeks. If you have any Wynaut and Meowth waiting at the bridge for conversion, do so now!

Wen Airdrop?

Our priorities will always be the security of your investment. The airdrop for Gen 1 incident Meowth and Wynaut holders only makes sense in a stable, established tokenomics ecosystem. As such, we have focused on the development of the products that make our platform exciting and worth investing in. This meant Gen 2’s launch and the NFTs come before we begin distributing those rewards. NFTs are barely coming today! If you’re eager for the airdrop, hang tight and wait for news in the coming weeks.

What’s next?

PokéMoon will live up to our name. With our minimum viable product now prepared, we are prepped to expand in every direction. Keep an eye on our usual news channels for info about upcoming partnerships, marketing initiatives, community events, site updates, usecases, dapps, games, and so much more!

To hear more about our brilliant future join us for another Dev Chat and Chill stream at — information about the stream will be coming up very soon so look out for pinned messages in Telegram!


One of the reasons our community is such a lovely and lively, imaginative,
creative, hilarious group to be a part of is because the people who invest in and care about this project spread the word to like-minded folks from every corner of the web. We, on the dev team, are very exhilarated by what we’ve managed to accomplish with the scale of our project in such a short amount of time (albeit with a few delays hehe), and think you will be proud of it too! If you are, there has been no better time to tell a friend, share info about PokéMoon to a telegram channel, make a reddit post, create a thread on /biz/, make a tiktok, song, drawing, poem, etc. POKÉMOON DEPENDS ON YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD!

In this community we depend on one another for growth in many different ways, be a force that invites good people to the space and educates others about what we’re up to!


New PB-2116 Bank (stake Koban to earn the next season NFT currency!) opening in just a few hours from this medium at 2pm UTC (4/23)

The first ever PokéMoon NFTs will be available within 24 hours after that on

In exchange for 100 PB-2114 you will obtain a Blast Off! NFT pack of 5 random cards of varying types and rarity

KBN-PB-2114 pools are closing and Koban block rewards are lowering to normal soon after NFT release

Another Dev Chat and Chill stream at will be coming up soon so look out for pinned messages in Telegram!

Thank you

As always, to the best community in crypto, we do it for you with you in mind.

Thank you,

PokéMoon Dev Team Home of the best community in crypto. Join the fun at